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Attorney Discipline

Attorney Disbarred from lashing out in court room

Aggravating lawyer gets suspension, not disbarment

A recent case before the Utah Supreme Court shows what can happen when a lawyer argues with a judge, even after the judge asked the lawyer not to interrupt him and sit down. In Ciardi v. OPC, the lawyer in question was disbarred following his conduct at the courthouse during a roll call, as well as his conduct during a screening panel hearing before the Ethics and Discipline Committee of the Utah Supreme Court.  On appeal, while the Utah Supreme […]

Palacino v. Beech Mountain Resort Inc Lawsuit

Sanctions for attorneys who fail to investigate insurance

Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26, a party is required to include as part of its initial disclosures “any insurance agreement under which an insurance business may be liable to satisfy all or part of a possible judgment in the action or to indemnify or reimburse for payments made to satisfy the judgment.”  If a party fails to disclose the existence of an insurance policy under Rule 26, then a court may sanction the party and/or its attorney pursuant […]

Intermountain Health Care Lawsuit

4th District Court awards sanctions against IHC for trial counsel misconduct in Wilson v. IHC Hospitals, Inc.

Following a four-day evidentiary hearing, Fourth District Court Judge Christine Johnson has imposed sanctions on IHC Hospitals, Inc., due to misconduct of its counsel JoAnn Bott (fka JoAnn Carnahan).  In Wilson v. IHC Hospitals, a case litigated by Christensen & Jensen (“C&J”), Judge Johnson found that Ms. Bott “exhibited a guarded and defensive demeanor” at the evidentiary hearing, had memory lapses that “appear to be more convenient than genuine,” and at times “exhibited a lack of candor.” Judge Johnson further […]