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Lawyer Liability and Disputes

Utah Malpractice Lawyer Attorney

Being a lawyer is stressful, especially if:

  • Your conduct – rather than your client’s – is being scrutinized
  • Things can’t be worked out with a departing partner
  • A client goes to the Bar
  • A judge has blindsided you in a case

That’s where Christensen & Jensen comes in.  We’re fixers.

The attorneys at Christensen & Jensen have been representing lawyers and law firms in Utah for more than 20 years. 

We know the added cost and stress that these scenarios can cause.  We know the importance of a lawyer’s reputation, and that some disputes should be fought while others should be discreetly resolved.

The firm is frequently hired directly by, or at the request of, law firms and lawyers to respond to legal malpractice and Bar disciplinary actions. We can’t identify many of our current and former clients because in many cases:

  • The firm’s quick action resolved potential lawsuits and Bar complaints before they were ever filed or made public
  • The firm was able to prevent or mitigate adverse media coverage
  • We fixed adverse court rulings before they became final or on appeal
  • We successfully kept the name of trial counsel out of appellate rulings
  • We have successfully explained to clients why an adverse outcome was not due to their lawyer’s error

Professional liability insurance policies often contain terms that are different from other types of insurance, including high deductibles, policy limits that are reduced by defense costs, and the ability of the insured lawyer to choose defense counsel. Many law firms have asked the attorneys at Christensen & Jensen to tender claims to their insurance companies or to represent them when their insurance company denied coverage.

If you get sued, or you hear from an unhappy client or the Bar, or you need someone to mediate a fee or other dispute, give us a call.  If a is covered by insurance, many policies allow lawyers to choose their counsel.  We get it, and we can help.